Kathy Danoucaras

Kathy is a highly accomplished dental professional with an impressive background. She successfully completed her apprenticeship at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne in 1988. In 1992, Kathy stood out as the top student in her Prosthetist class, earning the prestigious title of Dux.
Kathy's passion for dentures stems from her early exposure to the field. Her father, Tony, a Dental Technician, played a significant role in imparting foundational knowledge and skills to Kathy. This invaluable mentorship undoubtedly contributed to Kathy's expertise and proficiency.
Kathy possesses the ability to communicate fluently in Greek. This linguistic skill allows her to effectively connect with Greek-speaking patients and provide them with exceptional care.
Overall, Kathy's extensive experience, academic achievements, and multilingual capabilities make her a highly respected and sought-after dental professional.


Nicholas Danoucaras

Nick completed his apprenticeship and Associated Diploma under the guidance of his older sister Kathy and father Tony in 1995.
He furthered his training by completing his Dental Prosthetist course in 1999. He has become an integral part of the KND Denture Clinic team joining his Father and Sister in continuing the family connection.
Additionally, Nick also has the ability to communicat in Greek. This skill allows him to effectively connect with Greek-speaking patients and provide them with exceptional care that may be missed with out being able to communicate correctly.


Sam Robertson

Sam is a highly skilled Dental Prosthetist who possesses a strong passion for implant retained over dentures and stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in 3D printing technology within the field of prosthetics.
Sam completed his apprenticeship in 2008, earning a Diploma in Dental Technology from RMIT University. Building upon his knowledge and expertise, Sam furthered his training and achieved an Advanced Diploma in Dental Technology, ultimately becoming a qualified Dental Prosthetist in late 2009, also from RMIT University.
His journey with K.N.D began in 2004, immediately after graduating from St. Bernard's College in Essendon.


Aleksy Rozycki

Alex completed his apprenticeship and obtained a Diploma of Dental Technology in December of 2013.
Alex migrated to Australia from Poland with his family in 2004 and successfully finished his education at Keilor Downs Secondary College.
Alex is fluent in Polish, making sure there is no confusion when explaining treatment plans to our Polish patients, allowing peace of mind and a smooth process from start to finish.
Alex also possesses a strong passion for 3D printing and the latest in technology in our dental industry.


Maree Robertson

Maree, our newest member of our team after having joined us in 2022, is our receptionist. With previous experience in medical practices as a receptionist and practice manager, Maree brings valuable expertise to our team. She has successfully managed multiple clinicians simultaneously, ensuring smooth operations and efficient patient care.
Maree's strong organizational skills and attention to detail make her an asset to our clinic. She is adept at interacting with patients, providing them with necessary information, and addressing their concerns promptly and professionally. Maree's friendly demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere for all patients visiting our clinic.
With her extensive experience in medical practices, Maree understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality and adhering to strict privacy protocols.
We are fortunate to have her as our receptionist, contributing to the smooth functioning of our clinic and providing exceptional care for our patients.