Kathy Danoucaras

Kathy completed her apprenticeship at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne in 1988 and was Dux of her Prosthetist class in 1992. Kathy has been involved with teeth from a very young age, learning most of her initial skills from her father Tony, who is now a retired Dental Technician. Kathy is able to speak fluent Greek


Nicholas Danoucaras

Nick completed his apprenticeship and Associated Diploma under the guidance of his older sister Kathy and father Tony, in 1995. Furthering his training, completed his Dental Prosthetist course in 1999. Nick also is able to speak fluent Greek.


Sam Robertson

Sam completed his apprenticeship in 2008 receiving a Diploma in Dental Technology RMIT University, then continuing his training completed his Advanced Diploma in Dental Technology becoming a Dental Prosthetist in late 2009 at RMIT University. Initially Sam joined the K.N.D team in 2004 after completing high school at St. Bernard’s College in Essendon.


Aleksy Rozycki

Alex recently completed his apprenticeship receiving a Diploma of Dental Technology in December of 2013. Alex came to Australia from Poland in 2004 with his family as a 14 year old, completed his schooling at Keilor Downs Secondary College. Alex can speak and read fluent Polish.